with personality.

We call it environmental design, mixing form and function. OrangePiel's line of custom printed roller shades give you the flexibility to (re)imagine how your interior environment utilizes art, design, and light.

What makes Orangepiel Shades so great?


Use your own artwork or one of the many great artists that we have in our library. You choose the art and the extras, and we do the rest.


Every OrangePiel window shade comes with a 100% Quality Guarantee. Did you realize that 1/8" isn't quite the same as 5/8", it happens? Something not quite right?... We take care of it.


OrangePiel is well aware of the challenges of decorating apartments, dorm rooms, and houses. Our Custom Art Shades are a perfect way to put your stamp on your space without worrying about your rental agreement. Who wants to repaint anyway?



Your window sizes are just as unique as you, so why must you buy a one-size-fits-all "solution." OrangePiel lets you design each of your shades for the many window sizes in your home, office, or commercial space. Finally, you call the shots.


Our entire process is built around limiting our environmental footprint. Non-toxic inks, low-weight packaging, and environmentally friendly materials are only a part of how we conduct our business. Not to mention... we ride bikes, compost, and rock out at the local San Francisco Farmer's Market.


100% GUARANTEE OrangePiel Advocates Low Blood Pressure
We built our business with the high standards that we expect from our own purchases. With this in mind, OrangePiel strives to make sure that you are happy with your project outcome.

100% No-Risk Guarantee

OrangePiel wants to make sure that you are happy with your custom created projects. If you are unhappy with your product, we will work with you to create a piece of art that you are happy with or we will refund the cost of your project. Breathe the fresh air that comes with working with a company that actually answers your calls directly, with no automated voices, just real people who want to help you create the best product for your environment.

Free Standard Shipping on All Products

Paying for shipping is so 2001. OrangePiel ships your products for free - standard. Your order should ship from our custom production facility (think North Pole and elves - except warmer) in 3 weeks or less. OrangePiel also offers expedited shipping for customers with an unquenchable thirst for their custom printed window shades, fine art prints, and seamless wallpaper.

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OrangePiel provides the options necessary to create the perfect shades for your windows. We do our best to offer industry leading option flexibility. You decide how and what. ---


Make your printed roller shades disappear when the light is ripe or the mood strikes you right.

OrangePiel offers printed and solid color valances to match your existing decor or make your own artistic statement.

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Take control of your Art Shades. Display your design prowess to the world or keep it to yourself.

OrangePiel wants you to have the flexibility create your Art Shades exactly the way you see fit. Perfect for retail shops looking to spread the word about their business after-hours. Channel your inner artist and create.

Motorization with Remote Control

remote Not just for the rich and famous anymore, OrangePiel allows you to control your custom printed window shades with the touch of a button. Configurable up to 10 shades on one remote control, we give you flexibility to put light control back into your hands...while sitting on the couch. Great for media rooms, high-wall windows, and for one-touch ambiance creation.

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BUILT with

OrangePiel loves to hang our figurative hat on the quality of our products. All of our products are created in the United States under our watchful eye. Some people know one-quarter inches... we only know 1/32".

Award-Winning Hardware Quality design calls for quality hardware. Complementing our beautiful art and design, OrangePiel is committed to providing you with the best materials and hardware in the industry. We are not an airline with different seating, we only do first-class. Every custom printed window shade comes with the best materials available. m-glass High-Resolution Printing OrangePiel was formed by fine-artists, the type of people who you see at museums with their nose up against the art. We take printing seriously! Every window shade is printed with more DPI (1080 Dots-Per-Inch) than you can shake a stick at. So, no shaking sticks... just designing art. Ok? Flexible Sizing Giant windows? Small windows? No problem. OrangePiel is equipped to handle window shades up to 16-feet wide and 80-feet long. Whether you have an actual castle, or just call your home "castle," we can help you create just what you are looking for. Colorfast Inks Designed to withstand the bleaching rays of the sun, our UV-cured printing technology ensures that your print will not fade for many years to come.